Angry Gnome Garden Ornament

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Certification: CE/EU, UL.


No, your garden is your domain (or gnomain?), where you’re happy hanging with your hoes and gnomies. And, because of that, you need to keep out anyone who thinks they’re just going to roll in there like the Gnoman Empire… which is why you need this Angry Gnome garden ornament!

Yep, this is one lawn ornament that takes gnome nonsense! Modelled holding a mean-looking shooter and an even meaner-looking angry face, this is the perfect piece to protect your gnome sweet gnome from unwanted intruders, neighbours, parents-in-law, and even friends that show up unannounced when you’re trying to have a pyjama day.

Made of cast poly resin, this gnome is as tough as it looks. But, make gnome mistake, it can mind its manners. In fact, it politely greets your visitors with the phrase, ‘Say hello to my little friend,’ though we’re not convinced it’s not being Scarfastic…

Our point(y hat) is, there’s gnome place like home… which is why you need a gnome on the (firing) range. So, for a little friend that’s a (loaded) barrel of laughs, buy your Angry Gnome garden ornament today!


  • It’s an angry, armed garden gnome!
  • Modelled holding a shooter… and shooting a dirty look
  • Includes the catchphrase: Say hello to my little friend
  • Made of cast poly resin
  • A hilarious alternative to normal gnomes
  • Measures approx. 27 cm x 18 cm x 11 cm


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