Johto Legends - Music from Pokemon Gold & Silver Vinyl 2LP

Certification: CE/EU, UL.


New Pokémon in a new land, but Team Rocket is still up to their old tricks. Some things never change, much like our excitement when starting our brand new adventure. The excitement is immortalized in the iconic tunes of the game that we'll never forget as we traverse the lands of Johto.

Relive the second generation of Pokémon with these timeless pieces from the second generation. Your memories of traveling around for the 8 badges will be brought back through these orchestral re-recordings. Hopefully it won't bring back too many terrible memories of trying to bring down Whitney's Miltank, though. Those memories we can do without.

Product Specifications 
  • Johto Legends - Music from Pokémon Gold & Silver Vinyl 2LP
  • Double LP set featuring your favorite songs from the Johto region
  • Re-recorded Pokémon classics with orchestral instruments
  • Based on original score by Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose and Morikazu Aoki
  • Music by Patti Rudisill (violin), Andrew Stern (cello), Laura Intravia (flute, piccolo), Kristin Naigus (oboe, English horn, bassoon, ethnic winds), Peter Anthony Smith (clarinet) and John Robert Matz (trumpet)
  • Premium foil jacket with gold and silver inner sleeves
  • Half-and-Half Color Pokéball Vinyl Discs


Track Listing
Side A 
Journey to Johto (Overture) 
The Adventure Begins 
A Morning in New Bark Town 
Route 29 
Battle! Wild Pokémon (Johto Version) 
Violet City 
Sprout Tower 
Battle! Pokémon Trainer (Johto Version) 

Side B 
Johto Pokémon Gym 
Battle! Johto Gym Leader 
Azalea Town 
Trouble at Slowpoke Well 
Battle! Team Rocket Grunt 
Goldenrod City 
National Park 
Ecruteak City 

Side C 
The Burned Tower 
A Tale of Three Beasts I. The Fire 
A Tale of Three Beasts II. Resurrection 
A Tale of Three Beasts III. Encounter 
Lake of Rage 
Team Rocket Strikes Back 
Dark Cave 

Side D 
Battle with Ho-Oh 
Whirl Islands (Surf Theme) 
Lugia's Song 
Battle! Rival Trainer (Johto Version) 
Final Showdown! Pokémon Champion Battle 
Ending Theme 
Epilogue - The Road to Johto Falls (Route 26)


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